An innovative Early Years’ music programme.

Songs and instrumental activities for young learners.

We provide online Early Years music resources. They have been designed to suit pre-school, kindergarten, EYFS, nursery, childcare and home-settings.

Have a look at our fresh approach. We support teaching music in a holistic way to EYFS and Early Years’ children. Our materials contain:

  • A pick’n’mix selection of resources – sheet music, vocal & backing tracks, lesson-objectives
  • Downloadable songs and activities
  • Music for children from 0 – 5 years
  • An inclusive programme – songs for SEND and EAL learners
  • Songs and Early Years instrumental music
  • A teaching resource accessible to non-musicians
  • Classroom and behaviour management suggestions
  • A list of simple props that can be easily sourced to use in the songs
  • A strong pedagogical basis – developed by Early Years and Music experts
  • Tried and tested activities – trialled in hundreds of sessions in many different settings
  • Music and Early Years’ (EYFS) learning objectives
  • Backing tracks with fluctuating tempos to support young learners
  • Originally crafted songs inspired by a range of musical genres and styles

Discover how you can use music to excite and inspire your children by trialling some of the resources; our Musicbuds Taster Pack is free to try now!

And follow our blog to gain more insights into teaching music to the Early Years. We cover all aspects of learning in the Early years music setting. For example; aural awareness, behaviour management, tips on lesson preparation, props to use and make, teaching instruments in the music lesson, books and other recommended resources, and much much more!

To begin with, have a listen to our music in action:

Lots of original, engaging, fun songs. Plenty of music and movement, with visual stimulation for the little ones to enjoy and learn from. I would highly recommend it for babies, toddlers and preschoolers  – Rebecca Meadows, primary school teacher