Clare Seymour

January 31, 2020

How to make… a homemade guitar!


Easy method:

A homemade guitar can be assembled with nothing but a paper towel tube, an empty cereal box and some rubber bands. Make one with this easy-to-follow tutorial! Adult supervision is necessary.

Step 1 – Gather your materials:

For your home-made guitar you’ll need the following: (1) a cereal box (2) a large cardboard tube (3) rubber bands (4) PVA glue (5) scissors or craft knife (if an adult is on hand to help out) (6) something circular to draw around (small plate or tape roll).

Step 2 – Make the guitar body:

Trace a large circle in the center of the cereal box. Cut it out carefully with scissors or a craft knife. If you’re using scissors, ask an adult to punch a hole through the center of the circle with a sharp pencil. Use this as a starting point and cut towards the pen line. 

Step 3 – Attach the neck and strings:

Glue the paper towel tube to the top of the cereal box. Stretch rubber bands around the body of the guitar. Strum away!

Detailed method:

If you’re wanting to get a little bit more creative with your homemade guitar, look no further! Adult supervision is necessary. This activity is recommended for the 7+ age range due to the number of small parts that are used. 

Step 1 – Gather your materials:

For this guitar we need the following: (1) corrugated cardboard (2) an assortment of rubber bands (3) boardpins (4) wooden kebab skewers (5) paint (to decorate the guitar with) (6) PVA glue (7) Superglue (8) scissors or a craft knife.

Step 2 – Make the guitar body:

Begin by tracing the outline of a guitar on to cardboard. If you’re not feeling confident enough to do it freehand, print off the guitar template accompanying this guide. Carefully cut around the outline. Use this first layer as a template to cut several more layers (4 should do). In the top three layers cut a circle in the centre of the body. Stack and glue the layers together to finish the main body of the guitar. Cut a rectangle out of the cardboard and superglue it approximately 2cm from the bottom of the hole.

Step 3 – Make the neck of the guitar:

Trace the outline of a guitar neck on to the remaining cardboard. Cut around it carefully. Paint it and then cut wooden kebab skewers to size and arrange on the neck to create a fretboard, using PVA glue to stick them in place. If your cardboard is quite thin you can double up another layer below for extra support.

Step 4 – Join the guitar together and decorate:

Glue the neck of your guitar to its body and leave to dry. Now the fun part: decorate the guitar with paint. Get creative!

Step 5 – Attach the strings:

Stick pins in the cardboard rectangle that we made earlier (see picture) using superglue. Stick another set of pins at the base of the fretboard. Now take the rubber bands and wrap them around each set of pins. It’s important to choose the right size rubber band so there’s enough tension to create proper sound. 

Step 6 – Rock out:

Take your finished guitar and shred away!