Clare Seymour

January 31, 2020

How to make… a homemade microphone!


It’s time to channel your inner soul singer! Create your very own microphone out of these simple household objects.

Step 1 – Gather your materials:

For your homemade microphone we’re going to need thefollowing: (1) scissors (2) PVA glue (3) a paper towel tube (4) a styrofoam ball (5) coloured card (6) tin foil

Step 2 – Make the handle:

Decide on the length of your microphone’s handle and cut a
paper towel tube to the appropriate length. Cover the tube with glue and place some coloured card around the outside. 

Step 3 – Cover ball with tin foil:

Wrap tin foil tightly around a small ball (a styrofoam ball would work well but here we’ve used an onion!). Tape the ball to the handle securely.

Step 4 – Belt out a hit:

If you want to, feel free to decorate the microphone as you see fit.  When finished, take your new microphone and practise those karaoke skills!