Clare Seymour

January 31, 2020

How to make… homemade tubular bells!


While not a faithful reproduction of tubular bells, an array of sturdy pint glasses can make a fine substitute! Always make sure this activity is carried out under adult supervision; if you’re worried about spills, assist your child in tapping on the glasses. 

Step 1 – Gather your materials:

For your homemade tubular bellls we’re going to need the following: (1) 4 pint glasses (or however many you have spare). Make sure they’re the same size and shape. (2) food colouring or paints (optional) (3) tapwater (4) pencils or chopsticks  (5) a measuring jug.

Step 2 – Fill your pint glasses with water:

You’re going to need to fill each pint glass with a different amount of water. Leave the first glass empty. The second should be filled with about 100ml; the third with 200ml, so on so forth (the more water in the glass, the lower the pitch of the sound produced). Use food colouring to help differentiate each glass.

Step 3 – Chime away!:

Use chopsticks to tap on the side of each glass and listen out for their different pitches and tones! Try to compose your own melodies on your new instrument.