INSET sessions, teacher training workshops or in practical settings for parents/carers and their children.

Some of the establishments that Musicbuds has visited to provide INSET in a variety of ways are: pre-schools, nurseries, kindergartens, community music initiatives, parent & child sessions, teacher-training establishments, music services, and Early Childhood Studies' providers.

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• Teachers/teaching assistants

• Music teachers

• Pre-school/Nursery/Kindergarten organisers

• Playgroup leaders

• SEND/EAL specialists

• Parents/carers and children

They can be for half a day, or a whole day, or longer. They are interactive - expect to connect with your ‘inner child’!

Anywhere! So far they have been delivered in the UK and Europe, Canada, New Zealand, Oman, SE Asia and India.

They can be arranged on an individual basis at a mutually convenient time. 

Usually, it is up to 20 adults, or groups of 12 children with their parents/carers. More numbers can be accommodated at an additional cost. Contact us to discuss your needs

To start with, you will learn how music learning contributes to making physiological changes in the brain. How it strengthens certain neural connections which contribute to learning in a holistic sense. Then we move on to seeing how music can be integrated into daily teaching; how to use music to cover the Prime and Specific areas laid out by the EYFS. Furthermore, we learn how to teach music for differentiated learning in a classroom setting, including EAL/SEND profiles. Musicbuds adopts a flexible approach. The workshops can be tailored to your own particular setting. Contact us for your specific requirements.

Absolutely not! The resources benefit a wide audience. For classroom teachers, the workshop provides confidence in delivering music seamlessly into the EYFS curriculum. For music teachers, the workshops offer an insight into an holistic teaching approach. Musical development becomes an integral part of the learning process, and classroom management becomes a breeze!

Sessions can be booked on a half-day or full day basis. The reasonable charges are open to negotiation and take into account the length, location and content of the training &/or workshop. Please get in touch with your query to see what the possibilities are.