Dr. Clare Seymour

Musician, Educator, Psychologist

Who's behind musicbuds?

Clare started her professional orchestral life as a Guildhall graduate. Her focus then shifted towards teaching Early Years' music. As part of this, her interests broadened to encompass child-development and music therapy. She gained BSc(Hons) and MSc degrees in Psychology. Then she followed this by combining these three passions – music, psychology and teaching – into successful doctoral study at the Institute of Education, London University. She is fascinated by the emerging research into just how valuable learning music is for brain development and cognition. As a result she attempts to incorporate a lot of these principles into the songs and resources that she composes.


Clare's expertise comes from teaching in many settings: as a woodwind and pre-school specialist, to Head of Department in a number of schools. She has been recognised as  an ‘outstanding’ teacher and has trained a number of award-winning school choirs both in the UK and Europe. She was awarded a DfES scholarship to explore creativity in the classroom, and this research continues to inform the ways in which she approaches teaching music.

Clare enjoys a portfolio musical career; teaching, composing, consulting, offering workshops, presentations and seminars, and researching music in the Early years. She also loves travelling the world as an international music examiner  where she gets to work with so many interesting colleagues and pupils.

The musicbuds' journey

These music resources were created over many years. They started life as little ‘idea buds’ in music rooms and classrooms in a number of schools. They were then tended, moulded and loved by many young learners and their carers. Through the nurturing they received from all the participants during very many sessions, they blossomed into songs and musical activities with characters all of their own.


Musicbuds’ journey began with a friendship that quickly developed into a successful, creative, collaborative partnership between two specialists: Clare, a musician, and Anna, an Early Years practitioner. They combined their professional interests in order to produce highly effective teaching materials that they could both use within their own professional practices.


Over many years, they honed their craft – Clare through composing in a variety of styles/genres based upon musically-sound principles, and Anna by providing pedagogically-led learning foci and lyrics. The result became a set of songs that were developed into ‘foolproof’ music packs that many of their colleagues liked to use within their own teaching practices.


Clare and Anna initially used all their music resources together, forming a community Early-Years’ music initiative running sessions for the 0 – 7 year olds in Den Haag, Nederlands. Later, when they had both moved to different locations, they continued a ‘long-distance collaboration’ creating and developing even more music resources. The musical resources on this site are all 'tried and tested' over long periods of time. They have been created through our commitment to providing the absolute best quality teaching to our pupils. We hope you enjoy them!