Clare Seymour

March 15, 2020

Presentation delivered at the Music and Drama Education Expo 2020

BBC music time illustration

As promised, here is a more comprehensive copy of the presentation delivered by Clare on Wednesday 4th March at Olympia, London. It contains a number of links and references to further information and resources. Drop us a line if you have any questions or comments.

The presentation has been divided into three separate blogs here:

Part 1 suggests some warm-up activities and demonstrates how children’s learning away from the music sessions can be drawn in to a musical setting. It also offers links and references related to teaching and practising phonics. 

View Part 1 of the expo presentation

Part 2 illustrates how a simple phonics song can morph into so much more! Learn about how to be musically-provocative and musically-playful with your children! Appreciate the magical qualities of using transition songs, and then get truly active ( – Physical Development is one of the Prime Areas of learning in the Early Years) with our ‘Bend your knees’ song. 

View Part 2 of the expo presentation

Part 3 explores ways in which to teach instrumental learning and ensemble discipline to groups of young children whilst maintaining control and managing behaviour – always so difficult at this point in the learning process! The presentation then moves on to illustrate ways in which to end the session by positively influencing emotions and behaviours through choosing calming musical styles and activities to complete the session.  

View Part 3 of the expo presentation