We're now offering FREE online sensory music and movement sessions for the duration of the 'lock down'!

If you are caring for a baby, toddler, preschooler, KS1 or SEND child, join us for a session of musical mayhem! A bright way to fill your day and make some new online friends!

Our sessions are via Zoom and are at the following times (please check out our privacy policy and online code of practice to make sure you are happy for your child to participate):

Babies (0 - toddling) - Tuesdays 11.00 am

Toddlers (toddling - 3 years) - Wednesdays 10.00 am

Preschoolers (3 - 5 years) - Thursdays 10.00 am

KS1 (5 - 7 years) - Fridays 10.00 am

SEND learners (1 - 7 years) - by arrangement


Drop us a line if you are interested in joining us! Tell us your name, your child's name and age, and we'll get back to you really soon!


If you would like to make a contribution towards the cost of the online sessions, you can do so here. Many thanks! (Our suggestion is £2 per session if you can manage it. However, it's your company that is most important so please don't feel obliged to pay!)

(toddling - 3 years)
(5 - 7 years)