Seedlings: infant sessions (newborn to toddling)

It is never too early to interact in musical ways with babies. Help to stimulate brain development by communicating through musical games, activities and songs. 


Why not come along for a free trial session?

When are the classes?

Mondays during term times (11.00 - 11.30AM)

Where are the classes?

Felixstowe & Walton Football Club

41 Dellwood Avenue, Felixstowe, IP11 9HT

How much do the classes cost?

£17.50 for the 5 sessions

Anything else?

This is 30 minutes of fun music and movement activities to enjoy with your baby.

Sessions are structured and meticulously planned for this infant stage so that a range of contrasting activities are covered in a short amount of time. Repetition and routine are very important, and so the sessions tend to follow the same pattern; calm, quiet and static musical activities at the beginnings and ends, with a great deal of hilarity and mayhem sandwiched in between! Because the sessions run in blocks, they provide continuity and stability to the babies. This means that they can soon begin to predict ‘what comes next’ for themselves, and this anticipation builds their confidence which in turn feeds into all aspects of their development - cognitive, social and physical. Because so much of human development depends on the ability to time responses precisely, all the activities are designed to have this as a primary focus. Using songs, games, instruments, movements and props, the pulse is established effortlessly through a variety of ways. No musical expertise or experience is necessary to take part, and neither is a great singing voice. It is all about the enthusiasm and enjoyment that you get from interacting in musical ways with your little one.

Not at all!

Enthusiasm and a willingness to join in is essential, a singing voice is not!! (as you will find out when you hear Clare sing!)

You and your child will experience a range of sensory activities (listening, singing, moving, handling objects and instruments, interacting etc) that are set to music

Both babies and their carers benefit from taking part in the opportunity to relate to each other through music. 

Because this proven method of learning has been developed and used in a wide variety of settings for many years.

All the materials have been created through a longstanding collaboration between an Early Years’ expert and a professional musician.

Every song and activity is underpinned by the Early Learning Goals and every activity covers a specific set of learning objectives and are closely linked to the English EYFS curriculum.

Inspiration for developing these music sessions has been drawn from a wide variety of influences; Froebel, Emilia Reggio, Dalcroze, Kodaly, Orff etc.

If you have given us your permission, Musicbuds may use photographs and videos from the sessions for publicity purposes. You can let us know your preferences on the booking form.

12 spaces for children + their carers

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Or phone Clare now on 07943 094972 to reserve your place.