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Blooms group: SEND Sessions (18 months - 5 years)

A gentle, child-centred approach ensures children and carers look forward to our sessions as a highlight of their week!


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When are the classes?

Mondays during term time (11:45am – 12:15pm)

Where are the classes?

Felixstowe & Walton Football Club

41 Dellwood Avenue, Felixstowe, IP11 9HT

How much do the classes cost?

£41.50 for the 5 sessions

Anything else?

The SEND group is individually, and sensitively, tailored to suit the interests, needs and abilities of the children taking part. Below is a rough guide to the sorts of activities that we may do.

Basically, each weekly session follows the same sort of pattern so that over time everyone (children and adults) know what sort of routine to expect:

  • A greetings song to begin with, to welcome everybody into the group - usually sitting in a circle
  • Then a few more activities, such as rolling a ball to each other, or feeling an object or instrument, making (pretend) soup, learning to recognise our names, etc.
  • Next we begin to move, usually by making a circle of sorts and doing some action songs 
  • Then we might do some individual movement to develop our motor skills for example, by practising and repeating specific movements
  • After we’ve expended quite a lot of energy, we will perhaps play some instruments or take part in a counting or naming song
  • To finish with, we will sing a goodbye song to all our new friends

Not at all!

Enthusiasm and a willingness to join in is essential, a singing voice is not!! (- as you will find out when you hear Clare sing!)

You and your child will experience a range of sensory activities (listening, singing, moving, handling objects and instruments, interacting etc) that are set to music

We all benefit from taking part! 

It is great to have the opportunity to relate to the children in a structured way and to respond to their reactions through encouraging them to take part. By reacting to the children's responses to different types of sounds, rhythms, tempi, and props, we can build on their interactions and so support their development. 

Because this proven method of learning has been developed and used in a wide variety of settings for many years.

All the materials have been created through a longstanding collaboration between an Early Years’ expert and a professional musician. There are several music-therapy influences throughout the activities and our activities draw on the Nordoff-Robbins approach.

Every song and activity is also underpinned by the Early Learning Goals and every activity covers a specific set of learning objectives and are closely linked to the English EYFS curriculum.

Inspiration for developing these music sessions has been drawn from a wide variety of influences; Froebel, Emilia Reggio, Dalcroze, Kodaly, Orff etc.

If you have given us your permission, Musicbuds may use photographs and videos from the sessions for publicity purposes. You can let us know your preferences on the booking form.

4 spaces for children + their carers

Don't hesitate to get in touch!

Or phone Clare now on 07943 094972 to reserve your place.